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On transition functions of Topological Toric Manifolds

Yu. Li

2012, issue 1, P. 35–47

Abstract: We show that any topological toric manifold can be covered by finitely many open charts so that all the transition functions between these charts are Laurent monomials of $z_j$'s and $\overline{z_j}$'s. In addition, we will describe toric manifolds and some special class of topological toric manifolds in terms of transition functions of charts up to (weakly) equivariant diffeomorphism.
The main results of the paper were reported on the section talk at the International conference «Toric Topology and Automorphic Functions» (September, 5–10th, 2011, Khabarovsk, Russia).

toric manifold, quasitoric manifold, Laurent monomial

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