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On regular systems of algebraic p-adic numbers of arbitrary degree in small cylinders

N. Budarina, F. Götze

2015, issue 2, . 133155

In this paper we prove that for any sufficiently large $Q\in{\mathbb N}$ there exist cylinders $K\subset{\mathbb Q}_p$ with Haar measure $\mu(K)\le \frac{1}{2}Q^{-1}$ which do not contain algebraic $p$-adic numbers $\alpha$ of degree $\deg\alpha=n$ and height $H(\alpha)\le Q$. The main result establishes in any cylinder $K$, $\mu(K)>c_1Q^{-1}$, $c_1>c_0(n)$, the existence of at least $c_{3}Q^{n+1}\mu(K)$ algebraic $p$-adic numbers $\alpha\in K$ of degree $n$ and $H(\alpha)\le Q$.

integer polynomials, algebraic p-adic numbers, regular system, Haar measure

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