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Probability of detecting an extraneous mobile object by autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles is as a solution of Buffon problem

Guzev M.A., Tsitsiashvili G.Sh., Osipova M.A., Sporishev M.S.

2017, issue 2, P.

Underwater robotics addresses the problem of object detection apparatus. Offers a probabilistic formulation of the problem, which uses the reduction of the detection task to a classical task of Buffon. This formulation arises naturally in the formulation of the problem in the coordinate system associated with the apparatus. It is shown that the problem allows analysis in the presence of an asymptotic parameter, determined by the ratio of the local scan size of the apparatus to the global size of the problem under consideration.

extraneous mobile object, Autonomous underwater vehicle, the probability of detection, the problem of Buffon

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