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On the distribution of integral points on the three-dimensional sphere

Monina M.D.

2020, issue 2, . 224226
DOI: https://doi.org/10.47910/FEMJ202022

The result of V.A. Bykovsky and M.D. Monina on the distribution of integer points on the three-dimensional sphere $ a_1^2 + a_2^2 + a_3^2 + a_4^2 = d $ with odd $d$ is extended to the case of even $d$.

integral points on a sphere, modular functions, Hecke series

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[2] V. A. Bykovsky, Hecke series values of holomorphic cusp forms in the center of the critical strip, Number Theory in Progress. 2: Elementary and Analytic Number Theory, Walter de Gruyter, Berlin, 1999, 15 pp.
[3] Kh. Ivanets, E. Koval'skii, Analiticheskaia teoriia chisel, MTsNMO, M., 2014, 712 s.

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